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I first heard of Frank Kern during his launch of the StomperNet program back in 2006, of which I am a member. This launch remains one of the most successful ever, bringing in over eighteen million dollars in only three days!

So after following Frank over the past several years I thought that I knew (and used) most of his training material on my websites and clients websites, so I was a little hesitant  last Monday to shell out another $2000.00 for newest launch of Mind Control 2.0. However Frank, the master marketer that he is, finally convinced me to jump with his “early bird” special a few minutes prior it opening to the general public and today I’m glad I did!

This afternoon Frank’s package arrived and upon opening it one of his classic hand written (photocopied) letters was on top of the collection of DVD’s with an instruction to watch his “Core Influence” training DVD first. So I followed his instructions as a good student does and loaded the CD into my computer for an evening with Frank.

This first DVD was a presentation Frank gave in San Diego a few days after his launch of Mass Control where he discusses the power of influencing prospective clients using a process he calls “Core Influence ”.

Frank breaks down this process into two steps:

1 – Knowing what you really want and who you really are and;
2 – Knowing what your market wants and who they really are.

I found the second part of Frank’s presentation the most interesting because many of the suggestions he makes about knowing your market I could relate to, as they were very similar to the processes I had developed when I ran the RadarBuster’s network.

In an earlier post on using video to engage your market , I discuss that one “ah-ha ” moment in my marketing career back in 2002 while I was on vacation in Deadwood North Dakota with my family. My wife and I were approached by a man who yelled “Hey, your Radar Roy ” and after our surprised looks on our faces he continued “Hey I bought a radar detector from you yesterday on your website after watching your videos ”.

Bob related that the reason he made the decision to buy his radar detector on my website because he felt that he was able to relate with me on personal level, feeling that I was right there on his living room couch speaking directly to HIM .

Bob went on to explain that all those complicated performance charts and specifications that everyone else had on their websites didn’t mean squat to him. What he was really interested in was the result of using the product(s) I recommended in my ratings and videos.

This “ah-ha ” moment caused me to reflect during my 1200 mile ride back home to Arizona riding my Harley and how I could better master this one on one conversation on my websites.

During Frank’s “Core Influence ” video he discusses that 99.5% of the current Internet sites market their products or services to the masses at the surface level never reaching into the core of their customer and identifying their Bob’s.

Who are your Bobs, Jacks and Jills that visit your website? Are you talking at them or to them? Are you engaging them in conversation or talking at them?

How old is your Bob? What does Bob do for a living? Is Bob Married? What does Bob’s wife think of him having a radar detector stuck on the windshield? What is Bob’s biggest frustration in selecting a radar detector? What is the motivating force behind their decision on buying a radar detector?

Also remember that during the holidays; the peak buying season of the year, your Bob’s may turn into Jill’s. Does your conversation change?

Now that you know who your Bobs and/or Jills are and your engaging them in conversation you are half way there.

However if you want to take it to this process to the next level, you got to walk in Bob’s shoes and become a Bob yourself!

Let me explain by relating my transformation in going from a 20 year law enforcement career and jumping into Internet marketing career.

I loved my first nineteen years in law enforcement, rising in the ranks to that of Lieutenant and working select assignments in white color crime, narcotics and traffic enforcement. However the last year was a year of HELL!

A new Sheriff came into town and our differing management styles just didn’t gel. I was forty six, taking home $50,000.00 a year with one year to go to reach the minimum 20 year retirement window. When I announced to my wife and coworkers that I was going to retire and go into this new fangled Internet marketing thing they all thought I was nuts and that should stick it out.

But I knew to be at peace with my soul, I knew that I had to take this plunge and in 1997 retired at forty seven and started my first Internet marketing company developing websites.

Now I realize that chances are you’ve never been in law enforcement nor have the luxury of retiring at forty seven.  However, I’m sure that there are Bob’s and/or Jill’s reading this right now who can relate to changing careers midstream because of this crappy economy.

This is what Frank discusses in his “Core Influence ” video and what I’ve used very effectively in marketing my radar detector products.

When a “Bob” decided it was time to learn about radar detectors or beating a ticket chances were they were male, in their 40’s and just received their first speeding ticket in twenty years.

First Bob wanted to know how he could beat this ticket. Bob wasn’t a criminal, he thought of himself as an average driver who got nailed by some rookie cop trying to get in his quota. So I provided Bob articles on how the International Chief of Police Association in their own studies estimate that over 70% of all speeding tickets are written in error and how to prepare for a court case.

I then suggested to Bob that he should also consider getting a high end (expensive) radar detector which would sniff out these rookie cops two to three miles down the road as the desired result would being able to once again drive ticket free.

Then reinforced my message by having a video were I use these same devices myself while competing in a cross country race called the Fireball (Fantasy Result were the expectation goes beyond the desired result).

And backed up my message using “social proof”, allowing customers to post their own ratings on each product.

By using this process that I developed and Frank also teaches coupled with the power of Search Engine Optimization is the reason I owned the entire niche for radar detectors with my network.

This is also why my fiercest competitor decided that they could no longer compete and decided to acquire my entire network for over seven figures and hire me as their consultant!

Now borrowing something right out of Frank’s presentation I want to ask you to think about something.

If you currently have a website of your own or manage a company website what would happen if it the site went into the top position in the search engines? Would your lifestyle change? I know mine did.

So consider taking the next step by either signing up for my Free SEO Tip of the Day or register for one of my SEO training workshops .

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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