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“Retired Cop Swears Under Oath That His SEO Secrets Are NOT Illegal!”

Online Businesses: Here’s How You Can Easily Bring In Truckloads More Money To Your Business By Dominating All The Major Search Engines For Your Market!

No Matter What Your Market Is Or Your Current Level Of Experience (Even If You Have None).

And Most Important… I’ve Made It My Mission To Prove These Time-Tested Techniques Beyond Doubt, By Giving Away Some Of The Most Easy-To-Use, Jealously Guarded, Stunningly Powerful SEO Secrets Known To Man.

If You Choose, You Can Apply These Secrets To Your Website Tonight To Skyrocket Your Rankings In ALL The Major Search Engines. (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.)

And you can have these secrets for free.

All you have to do is sign up for my “SEO Tip Of The Day“.

Here is just a sneak preview of what you will learn in my free daily newsletter:

  • Why the ridiculous “standard” advice about chasing search engine algorithms will waste hundreds of hours of your life and seriously hurt your results! (And exactly what to focus on instead to boost your rankings!)
  • Why learning to create a page with top visibility that will stand the test of time… and attract only the most targeted, hungry prospects in your market isn’t half as hard as you may think! (There are incredibly easy and quick ways to do this that you could learn and apply in a brief evening!)
  • The single most devastating “top-five-search-results” technique you can use for ANY website!
  • The astonishing secret of “traffic spikes” that will save you months of time spent trying to tweak your site or looking over your shoulder to see if you “got it right”. (I will show you to get it right the first time and never miss this sort of opportunity ever again!)
  • How to spot the 90% of meta tags that are bringing you the most traffic! (And how to make up for the other 10%!)
  • Every “keyword research” tool and tactic that is available to you, no matter what market you’re in! (And the only correct way to use them to boost your rankings immediately!)
  • How to easily outmaneuver the dreaded “Google slap”! (Very important stuff!)
  • How to quickly force any web page into the top rankings on all major search engines! (outranking even websites with tripple your budget!)
  • The one basic secret of “latent semantic indexing” that almost nobody knows about! (It doesn’t matter how big, established, or old your competition is… anyone can use this to get the edge!)
  • How to effortlessly maximize your link structure in a short afternoon!

And this is just a sneak preview!

You may or may not be asking why I’m sharing this life-changing information for free.

roy-in-planeHere’s what it’s all about:

I’m “Radar” Roy, a retired cop and Certified Search Engine Optimization Expert. I got my start back in 2001 with the Search Engine Academy run by Robin Nobles and John Alexander.

I sought out the Search Engine Academy because a less than reputable “SEO Agency” that I’d hired got me banned from Google.

I was “slapped” with the Google ban because while I was forking over my hard earned money to these guys, they were promoting my site using SPAM and other “shady” techniques without telling me so.

After that, I’d had enough.

At that time I knew zero about SEO or Internet Marketing and I had all these self proclaimed Internet experts and Gurus emailing or calling me, promising quick easy fixes.

Don’t these “black hat” firms pushing their “Get Quick Rich” schemes remind you of the Wall Street criminals that destroyed our economy?

Me too.

And I felt ashamed because I’m a retired cop, I should have known better.

I fell for one of their repackaged offers that seemed to good to be true but… more importantly… I went from making a few thousand a month to zero!

But then I made the most important decision in my Online Marketing career; I took a one week SEO Training Workshop from Robin Nobles and John Alexander at the Search Engine Academy and learned how to build and manage a successful and sustainable online business from scratch.

Days after I took the SEO workshop I cleaned up my website, designed a few new ones and began implementing the basic SEO foundations I learned. Two weeks later Google removed their ban and I was listed number seven on the first page for my most coveted keyword term and the customers returned. I then began using a few of the more the SEO Workshop’s advanced material and in four months my rankings rocketed to the number one position in Google, Yahoo and MSN.

My yearly net profit went to over two hundred thousand dollars a year!

radarb-sale-tnThen out of the blue in 2007, a competitor in my niche, NetShops Inc., called me offering to acquire my entire Internet Empire for seven figures plus and to become a consultant for them !

As soon as the ink dried on the sales contract the deal became public. Unexpectedly, my phone began ringing off the hook. Thirty online business owners called me that one day , pleading with me to take them on as a client and take over their Search Engine and Internet Marketing campaigns. Heck – I just sold my business, I didn’t want a job!

But I did take four client’s projects one being a nonprofit agency along with two others in the construction industry and began teaching and working with each individually to teaching them my strategies on how to be successful in a short period of time.

That I learned from them is that I have the passion and skill to teach others and this ability enabling others to also be successful was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

Therefore I’ve become an associate of the Search Engine Academy.

2009-sea-advIf you are launching or running a home based business, a local business, the CEO or employee of a company, or a professional online marketer, then you will benefit from my training and coaching and learn how to create and run an effective online marketing campaign.

I invite you to follow along and watch the video at the top of this page, just to the right, above my “Free SEO Tips of the Day” Newsletter. That way, you can see what just a handful of my clients are saying about what I’ve done for them.

If you’d like to get these kinds of results for your online business, then keep reading, because I have some very important information to share with you.

The Proof: Here’s how I can make good on every promise I’ve made to you so far.

First, below the video testimonials at the top of this page, you’ll see I’ve provided a daily newsletter, free of charge, that I will personally send to your inbox. In this newsletter, you’ll find my own SEO submission and promotion research that you can utilize on your website… right now… to increase traffic and conversions.

(And if you’re worried about spam… don’t sweat it. Back in 2001, when I first got my start marketing on the internet, my website was mercilessly thrown out of the search engine categories because an SEO agency used “spammy” tactics on my website and I was “slapped” with the Google ban.

Nobody online hates spam as much as I do. And you have my word, I’ll never share your contact information with anyone.)

Second, if you type in “Radar Roy” into Google, you’ll see thousands of listing including articles, interviews with newspapers, magazines, TV programs and radio reports and other research material posted on blogs, review sites, YouTube and other social media properties. Each day, my name (“Radar Roy”) is typed into the Search Engines by “Raving Fans”. It is the most used term in Google for people searching for information on radar detectors.

Why is that important? Because I got my start selling radar detectors and sold that website two years ago! And if you type in “Radar Detectors” right now in Google, you’ll see that website come up, on a bad day, at number two in the listings!

Here’s even more proof:

Here are some of the clients I’m currently mentoring, in very different markets, and the results I’ve been able to deliver for them.

If you were to type “tire pressure monitor” into Google, see in the #1 position?

How about “faux rock”? How is doing?

My friend Tom Wilkerson runs a business certifying forklift operators to keep OSHA off the manufacturers backs.

Try searching for “fork lift certification” and see if you can’t find immediately?

One more example. has been able to dominate “wickenburg real estate” since I’ve trained them. Try Googling “wickenburg real estate”.


You get the point.

Here’s what to do now:

If you haven’t already, be sure you sign up for my free SEO Tip of the Day.

And If you’d really like to get things rolling, make sure you enroll in one of my live training seminars listed at the top of this page under “Search Engine Workshops“.

I look forward to helping you grow your business beyond what you thought was possible!

-“Radar” Roy Reyer

P.S. Before I go… I just wanted to say, as you read through this website and imagine at time say, six months from now… when you’ve used all of the powerful tools I have to share with you to really grow your business and get the sort of results that you truly desire… I’m not sure if you could find yourself looking back on this moment as having been the start of it.

But I’m very excited to be sharing all of these discoveries with you.

It has become a passion of mine to help my clients live the lives they truly dream about… using practical technology that I’ve seen change so many lives already.

Thanks again.

Certified Master SEO Instructor by the Search Engine Academy and CEO and founder of SEO Training SW.
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