Are You Using The Power of Video to Convert New Customers?

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Hopefully you’ve read some of my daily tips getting you started on Internet marketing. If you haven’t, you’ve got to sign up and get started. It is absolutely FREE and can save you money today on how you market your business.

One of my daily tips that I mentioned is the power of using video for testimonials instead of written comments. Watching someone give a message allows the customer to get visual cues from the person. This allows them to potentially trust the message more, if the video cues from the testimonial indicate that the person is trustworthy.

A lot of people may also not want to read what you write. Others don’t have time to read it or the patience. If you offer your information in a video, it may be much more appealing. Plus, you can entertain in a video format more easily than the written word and humor is very appealing.

Don’t forget, there is a viral effect from videos. You may create a video that is just designed to instruct your customers or advertise your products, but you could say or do something in such a way that people find it entertaining and start sharing it. This is more than just word of mouth advertising, this is SUPER word of mouth! You can’t pay for that level of advertising.

The Power of Video
This increased level of trust that videos create is VERY powerful and not limited to testimonials! I first began using video on my website in 2004 to compare and explain the various features of radar detectors that I sold. I later expanded the use of video to also include product testing and frequently asked questions. In that year, my conversions and sales increased over 200%!

At first I felt that this explosion in sales was because the videos answered many of the questions my customers had, I was wrong!

Several months after I had started using videos, I was vacationing 1400 miles away from home in Spearfish South Dakota with my wife. While we were walking on the street a man approached me and asked “You’re Radar Roy right?” I said yes and he related that he had purchased a radar detector from my website the previous day and that the reason he made the purchase from my website because of the videos.

He said, “Roy, it was just like you were sitting on my living room couch, explaining to me face to face on what I wanted to buy, I knew that I could trust you.” That day I knew that my customers weren’t just buying a product or weren’t just buying products from a site they trusted. This man trusted me and bought from me, Radar Roy. That day I learned the power of my video marketing.

Is it Expensive or Complicated?
The short answer, No.

When you look around and decide where to spend your marketing dollars, videos are definitely a cost effective way to go and getting started isn’t complicated.

First buy an inexpensive video camera. You may have a camera phone that takes video or a camera that takes video. Try these out and see if you like the video quality. If the quality is acceptable to you, you can use that. I think that having a high quality recording is very important, as it speaks to your professionalism, which speaks to your trustworthiness. If you want to invest in a video camera, you may choose to do what I did.

All of the videos you see here on were done with my Flip Mino HD video camera that cost less than $200. The quality is excellent and puts many higher-spec competitors to shame. The software I use to edit the videos is Sony Vegas Studio Nine, which costs less than $100.00.

Once you’ve made the video, you’ll have to sign up at one of the many video sharing sites. The most popular are YouTube and Google Video. Once you’re signed up, follow the easy instructions and upload your videos for free! Don’t forget to use your keywords we talked about in my 7 tips to make sure your videos are indexed right and get found when people search for them!

Does it take A Lot of Time?

Are you too busy to increase the traffic to your business? Are you too busy to increase your profit? You can take as much time as you want filming and editing as you want, so it may just be something you don’t want to do. If it just isn’t “your thing”, outsource it! You can outsource it to video production students at a local college, an employee of your company whose hobbies include making YouTube videos, or you can we can contract your services out to one of our video production specialists.

According to a recent survey, less than 25% of retailers are using video advertising on their site. They like to use visual attraction and some spend millions figuring out the right colors and words for an ad campaign to maximize the number of people they draw in. What could be a better visual attraction than a video? Simply put, it’s the most powerful visual attraction you can use to brand your company and market your services and products. It’s attention grabbing and showcases your products and/or services better than any still image ever could and it’s something you can do right now, on your own, to increase the value of your business.

Harnessing the Power of Video is discussed in more detail during my Advanced SEO Training Workshop.

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